The Best Manual Razors for Men’s Shaving

Choosing correct razor can take time since there are many kinds of razors which have claimed as the best razor for men. Basically, good razor is a razor which is able to achieve a close shave. Besides, men don’t need to pass many times in the same area to make perfect shaving. The most important thing is that razor will not hurt the users. Some lousy razors will give problems for instance irritation, razor bumps or ingrown hair. Here are some of the best the market offers:

1) Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor

This power razor is well-recommended for those who want to shave comfortably since this razor has been provided with thinner blades. It doesn’t matter if this razor is used every day. In addition, it has been completed with a micro comb which will be useful to guide the stubble to the blades. Purchasing this razor will also get a cartridge and AAA battery.

Shaving will be much easier since it has advanced low-resistance coating. It makes shaving effortless without pulling or tugging. Blade stabilizer makes the blades enable to adjust the contour of men’s face. Moreover, mineral oil has been infused into the Enhanced Lubrastrip. It will lubricate polymers in order that the razor can move smoothly.

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2) Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor

Similar to the previous one, Gillette ProGlide manual razor has thinned blades as well. However, this razor has declared that it is better than previous one. In order to prevent blade chatter, this razor is featured with blade stabilizer. Meanwhile, Lubrastrips have been reformed. They are designed larger with mineral oils.

Advanced low-resistance coating makes the blades glide with less effort. The hair will be shaved perfectly without any tug and pull. It will not make irritation in the skin. Actually, ProGlide razor becomes the future generation of Fusion razor. In this case, the Fusion razor has been redesigned and reengineered with thinner and finer blades. When shaving finishes, the razor will be gliding.

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3) Remington King of Shaves Azor 5 Manual Razor

This one also deserves to be included as one of the best razor for men. This razor offers incredible closeness with finer and thinner blades. 5-Blade Razor System has been applied in this razor. One thing that makes this razor unique is S-Flex technology.

It provides a soft-flex hinge that presses the blades against the skin comfortably. The blades have been designed to be used for sensitive skin. However, razor burn can be reduced. This razor has 3 Endurium replacement cartridges. In one package, there are 50% more cartridges.

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4) Men’s Zone Blade Shaving System

This razor will give men close shaving in one stroke. The blades are easy to clean because of open back design. A package of this product contains of one razor and two cartridges. It has been provided with front-hinged swing system completed with pivoting head.

Therefore, it will be very easy to clean. In addition, shaving will be more comfortable. In the handle, non-slip rubber grip is applied in order to provide control in shaving. Besides, the price of this razor is quite cheap when it is compared to other razors. However, the quality is unquestioned.

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Bottom lineג€¦

All these razors can make a great choice for a close and secured shaving. Hopefully, one of the above answers all your needs. Good luck!

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