Smelling Great with the Best Deodorants for Men

If you are a man, you know how you smell after you work out. This smell may not bother you, but chances are that it will turn off the ladies and anyone else around you. To help combat this, you need a high performance deodorant that really works and smells great. Sadly, not all deodorants are created equal, many not working or just smelling weird. Check out our top picks for deodorants that are actually worth your money.

Burberry Brit for Men1) Burberry Brit for Men by Burberry

Burberry Britt for Men deodorant is great when you want to smell your best. This deodorant is strong enough to beat the worst work out smells, but isn’t so overpowering that you gag on the smell of yourself. With green, subtle undertones that scream modern man, this is a great pick.

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BOSS Selection for Men2) BOSS Selection for Men by BOSS

BOSS Selection for Men is a great smelling deodorant spray that is good for any man who wants to smell clean and fresh. With many musk scents and the smell of cedar, just imagine all the girls you’ll have chasing after you.

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Fleur Du Male Cologne for Men3) Fleur Du Male Cologne for Men by Jean Paul Gaultier

Fleur Du Male Cologne is a great smelling concoction that will beat the worst smells away with ease. This cologne deodorant manages to pull off a flowery undertone for a smell, all while still smelling distinctly man. Now that is talent and nothing to laugh at.

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Chrome for Men4) Chrome for Men by Loris Azzaro

Chrome deodorant for men not only smells manly, but the name implies it too. What man doesn’t appreciate some nice chrome? This casual wear deodorant is great on the wallet, costing a lot less than similar good smelling blends on the market. With a rejuvenating citrus floral scent base, this stink remover is great for the manliest of men.

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Dior Homme Cologne for Men5) Dior Homme Cologne for Men by Christian Dior

Dior Homme Cologne for Men is an alcohol free deodorant that couldn’t smell any better if you tried. This unique fragrance has strong notes of leather and other men exclusive scents, but also manages to uphold a subtle lavender scent to round off the scents. This one is a true winner, so while you’re at it, check out similar products from this maker in order to maximize your good smelling potential.

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Cheap deodorants at the supermarket might seem great at first, but the truth is they’re not, and you’ll notice this when they smell sub-par and start wearing off within an hour. Who wants to wear deodorant only for it to wear off almost right away? Not many people do. That is why you need to check out some of the deodorants listed above and similar products. While the best smelling deodorant for men costs more initially, it lasts longer and smell better, helping you get the best bang for your buck.

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