Smell Great with the Best Fragrance Cologne

It’s a difficult task to figure out what is the best smelling cologne for yourself in a store, as it’s not possible to test all and it’s very difficult to keep your senses sharp enough to differentiate properly. So, this is exactly why we’re going to help you and make your job a lot easier, with a list of some of the best colognes for men.

1) Acqua Di Gio for Men by Giorgio Armani

Introduced in 1996, this cologne is working its magic since with its great fragrance. The beauty of Pantelleria has been the inspiration of this fragrance and it imbibes scent of freedom, sweet and salty notes of sea water and adds the sunny warmth of Mediterranean.

It’s a contemporary expression of masculinity with combination of marine notes, spices and herbs on woody base. This cologne contains lavender, cumin and juniper fragrance notes accented with ylang-ylang, amber and sandalwood. The cologne comes packaged in a neat looking white frosty bottle.

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2) Armani Code for Men by Giorgio Armani

It was made after the success of Acqua Di Gio and it’s a distinct departure from the airier predecessor. It’s an undeniably masculine fragrance. Initially it was named Black Code and in 2005 its name was changed to Armani Code. It’s an oriental-style fragrance that is elegant and understated, made for an unassuming, modern man.

It is not outright spicy like most masculine colognes and incorporates a rather soapy interpretation of spicy fragrance with a hint of citrus and leather. The cologne has a base note of guaiac wood and tonka bean. The unique addition of olive blossom brings an interesting saltiness to the composition. The top notes of bergamot and lemon adds freshness to the fragrance. It comes in an elegant and classy black bottle inspired by the ‘satin lapels of an Armani tuxedo’.

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3) Boss Number 6 for Men by Hugo Boss

Launched in 1999, it has been around for quite some time and has tasted success in the marketplace because of its appealing fragrance. It is an intricate blend of spices and flowers which makes it interesting.

The initial impression of the fragrance is of woods with notes of vanilla, orange and spicy cinnamon. The cologne is built around the base notes of juniper, lavender and germanium. Spicy scent and freshness of pineapple form the middle notes. The top notes include citrus bergamot and green fern.

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4) Burberry Brit for Men by Burberry

It’s a classic woody fragrance that was introduced in 2003. It reflects elegance and sophistication. It is an oriental woody fragrance and the composition is built around the base notes of oriental woods, tonka bean and grey musk.

The woody base is complemented by a blend of green mandarin, bergamot, ginger, cardamom, wild roses, nutmeg and cedar wood.

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5) Burberry Touch for Men by Burberry

This cologne was launched way back in 2000 and has been around for some time. Its musky woody fragrance exudes freshness. The base notes include vetiver, tonka bean and white musk. It is topped up by a blend of violet, mandarin leaves, pepper, virginia wood and oakmoss. It’s quite versatile cologne and is appropriate for both formal and informal occasions. The cologne comes packaged in an attractive conical bottle.

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These are some of the best rated colognes for men, but don’t forget that each person has his own taste. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the best one for your own taste out of this list of great fragrances.

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